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About SECL Group

SECL Group is a company, which was founded in 1994 and specialized on Internet technologies. We have been developing sales technologies over the Internet since 2005 and since 2007 – the social network technologies.

Nowadays SECL Group is dynamically growing company, which works on the markets of the USA and has offices in Russia and Ukraine.

We widely use advanced technologies in our work, so it can be said with confidence that we are innovative company. Our employees work in different offices and some of them work remotely. Our office in the USA is located in New York. We are planning to reject the concept of offices and become a virtual company in the future. Today more than 60% of work is performed remotely.

In our company was formed the perfect creative atmosphere. Also we have amazing professional team. Our main motto is: “Nothing is Impossible!” We have especial corporate culture, which gives considerable freedom to employees and aims to stimulate potential of each individual.

We pay special attention in our work to the quality. That is why we use Total Quality Management system, which implies the constant quality improvement of all business processes in our company. This strategy allows us to improve all our inner processes every year and achieve new heights.

SECL Group has hundreds of partners and clients worldwide. Among them are well-known Ukrainian, Russian and European brands.

SECL Group — is not a copy of large digital-agencies. We are chosen because we work more!

Mission and philosophy

Our mission (purpose) – is to create quality innovations in the field of web-development and Internet marketing, which differs from commonness, attracts attention and most effectively helps to achieve the main goal – to increase sales!

Our philosophy is to help our clients to take right decisions and achieve their goals with our help. We try to build really warm and friendly relations with each of our clients, so they turn to us for a help and are sure, that we will help them, as if they are our closest people: entirely and sincerely. And what is the most important – we are succeeding!

Owners and leadership

LLC «SECL Group USA» is an independent American company. CEO and the head of board of directors – Nikita Semenov.

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