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The history of our company begins on November 22, 1994, in Simferopol, when our first legal entity was established. It all started simple: from one person, without an office and seed capital, but with a great desire to build and develop a successful business.

In 1995, the first computer was bought, which ran in Windows 95, and that was how everything started!

In 2005, the company began to develop sales technologies via the Internet. It was a successful starting point for a new rapid development.

In 2007, the company expanded its range of services and started to provide services for traditional ATL and BTL advertising. In the same year, the company changed its location and was transferred to Kiev, which significantly expanded the market and opened new horizons for development.

In 2008, the company management made a decision to divide into a group of companies in order to efficiently develop each direction of business. The group of companies was named SECL Group. In the second half of 2008, an economical crisis hit Ukraine which had a negative impact on the company’s growth.

In 2010, we regained growth and increased sharply, tripling the turnover for the year, and also received foreign investment. In the same year we started sales in Western Europe.

In 2011, the off-line ATL and BTL advertising direction was completely separated, which now operates separately from SECL Group.

In 2012, we continued to grow rapidly, by our count, entered the top 10 companies by turnover in several markets of Internet business in Ukraine. We launched a number of new projects and companies.

In 2018, our company is expanding and in cooperation with our partners we opened a sales office in Toronto, Canada. Now even more opportunities for fruitful cooperation!

History of the SECL Group Name

We’re quite often being asked: ‘What does the word SECL mean?’ According to the legend, the word originates from the southern language of the ancient Phoenician civilization and in the modern language has the closest meaning to the phrase ‘Successful merchant’, in other words, – a person who knows how to sell well. Over time, the word was borrowed by the Greek civilization and had a similar meaning. The word was undergoing changes and moving to the modern world but gradually it was almost lost… until our company appeared. When we were thinking about a name of our company, this legend was accidentally heard and made a great impression on us. We liked the word, its meaning and the legend, and it became our company’s name. We aren’t sure ourselves whether it’s true or not, but we like the story!

A little later, the word ‘Group’ was added to the name ‘SECL’ in connection with the transformation into a group of companies.

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