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2012 Summary

Summing up the year results, we can proudly say that it was quite a successful year for us. We achieved such great heights that couldn’t be any higher this year :)

Here’s how we see the results:

  • The turnover increased by 105%
  • The number of employees increased by 120%
  • The minimum salary increased by 33.3%
  • The maximum salary increased by 45,8%
  • We launched the new profitable subsidiary Catamba
  • We launched the new Kupini Commerce Company
  • We formed the Python Development department
  • We improved the quality of providing services
  • We refined our SECL Group corporate site; a bilingual version is now available. We created corporate sites for the Catamba and Kupini Commerce companies.
  • We got finance and invested this money in our own development
  • We moved to a new office
  • We learned and implemented a number of new technologies
  • We launched a Training course for web development entry-level professionals
  • 20% of employees got promoted; over 50% of employees got a pay raise

This list doesn’t include all of our achievements. We not only claim ourselves a successful company, we proved to be one. Our goal for the next year is to double this result!

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all! May the New Year bring you great success!

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