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Client: Visit Company

Services: Non-standard scripts

Technologies: PHP

Description: Within real estate portal we have created parser, which has been uploading competitors ads to our website; technology of automatic watermarking.

DB integration

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Client: Auto products

Services: Database connection

Technologies: PHP

Description: The TecDoc database was integrated for the web store, which includes information on several millions of products. All this works as a single mechanism in conjunction with 1C.


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Client: StroyPrice

Services: Non-standard functionality

Technologies: PHP (Zend), Python

Description: Within portal we have developed a series of interesting solutions, such as automated processing of price lists, auction system, real-time parallel computing etc.

Single Multisite System

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Client: Publishing house MCFR

Services: Multisite system

Technologies: PHP

Description: On the basis of a single HostCMS license we have developed multisite system, which includes a number of portals, web store and corporate website.

Trade automation

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Client: SolAvto

Services: Automation of manual operations

Technologies: PHP

Description: Within auto parts web store there was developed automated system of purchasing the products, monitoring of invoices, analytics etc. A single system for both online and offline shops.

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