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Website and App Development in Python / Django

The company, SECL Group / Internet Sales Technologies, is one of the few in Ukraine, which employs its own full-time team of Python ( and Django framework experts (, as well it has the experience in development of web-oriented applications, portals and social networks in it.

We mainly specialize in complicated web development, including portals and social networks with high requirements to loads and security.

The advantages of Python language:

1. The rapidity and quality of the development. Python is an up-to-date programming language and affords an opportunity of quick development in comparison with many other languages, including PHP and Java, making the development more economical. Its intuitively clear syntax and large and comprehensive standard library allows concentrating straight on the task instead of writing a big amount of diverse abstractions. The most essential abstractions are already present in the base of libraries, they are tested and stable. And this contributes to the product quality and reduces the time-frame of development.

2. The product support, in Python is no longer a terrible problem. This is achieved by high purity and laconism of the code base, which provides the syntax of the language.

3. The language stability and big community. Python is remarkable for the stable versions of the language and of the code. Moreover, it has a big community of successors and many diversified groundwork.

4. The performance and loads. The performance is determined not only by the quality of the code but also by the tasks, which this code solves. Python perfectly runs in apps of the same type (rather faster than other popular interpreted languages: PHP, Perl, Ruby etc.), but it’s natural that it won’t be faster than compiled language C. However, specifically for the solution of this problem Cython was created.
For complex computations requiring high speed and resistance to loads, we can use a connective Python + NumPy or migrate code to the C-module, and thus achieve the needed performance. As for multi-threaded applications – just use the module multiprocessing, which allows making multi-threaded applications run faster, compared with implementations in other scripting languages. It can be concluded that it’s really better, easier and faster to create high-loaded projects in Python.

5. The popularity. The language Python itself and Django framework are relatively young, but such giants as Google, Yandex, Pinterest, Reddit, Dropbox, Washington Times, Disqus and many others already apply it.

6. Documentation.Pyhon / Django have perfect documentation, which reduces the prime cost of development, developers’ education, improvement of the projects and its further support.

We work in the web development market for a long time and arrived to Python / Django evolutionary. Having practiced almost all of the popular programming languages for web, we stopped on Python, as one of our key languages. Our developers really like programming using this language and we get pleasure from the work, which is certainly has a positive impact on our clients' projects, because only by working with a soul, you can get a really great result.

This language is mainly applied in the countries with advanced IT sector, and in the CIS it only starts to gain popularity. The most innovative companies work on this technology in Ukraine and Russia.

Upon request we will provide portfolio for Python / Django, we can show example of the code and talk in more detail about our capabilities in person.

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