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Summing up the Year

It’s a good tradition to sum up all the results in the end of each year, and we did so.

The year 2009 was quite challenging for the whole world, especially for our motherland – Ukraine. It influenced our company in a way. The last couple of years were a period of rapid growth, easy money and business till the year 2009 emerged. It brought complications into the market. Real professionals aren’t scared of obstacles! We worked hard this year and turned out it wasn't for nothing. Here’s the list of our achievements:
  • Despite the crisis, net income was 3 times higher compared to 2008!
  • At the beginning of the year we optimized the working process in our company, saved money, increased income and improved the quality of services and much more.
  • We’ve launched the TQM system, conforming to international standards, including project management.
  • We started working on the Customer Loyalty Programmes. Now the focal issue for us is to make every client as happy as possible.
  • We worked hard to enter the international market and to enhance the positions of our business.
  • We carried out a lot of work in the field of branding our own company and its divisions.
  • We set our Corporate Culture.
  • We improved our performance in general.
  • We redesigned our SECL Group Ltd.
  • We renewed our corporate site and made it more effective.

The consequences of the crisis influenced our business as follow:
  • We had to close one of our offices as it wasn’t profitable.
  • We suspended work of some unprofitable subsidiaries of our company.
  • We continued staff reduction.

The year turned out to be difficult but fruitful. We already have a strategy for our further growth in 2010.

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