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We Turned 15!!!

The company’s roots trace back to November 22, 1994, when the first legal entity was founded in Simferopol.

The start was simple – just one person using his home as an office. His friends became a core of the team.

The team decided to start a wholesale and retail trade business, which wasn't hard at those times. The rumour about low price consumer goods spread really fast and that was a start. The rule was simple: Buy cheap, sell expensive.

As the market grew, the competition emerged. It was clear that the old strategy wasn't good enough, and the company was to find its market niche. As a result, in the second part of 90th we started selling frozen food.

2005 was a turning year for the company - this year we began to engage in marketing, which we now consider to be our vocation.

Today the company employs almost 100 people; we use modern technologies and reach new and new heights!

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