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USA Vehicle

Create a mobile version of a US automobile portal. Develop a user-friendly platform for choosing and buying of a car from the nearest dealer at an attractive price (leasing, credit, full payment).
We carried out studies on the US automotive industry. Additionally, we analyzed a target audience, in particular, its needs and expectations. The design phase was undertaken using the HCD (Human Centered Design) methodology within the international standard ISO 9241-210:2010.
USA vehicle maket 1 USA vehicle maket 2 USA vehicle maket 3 USA vehicle maket 4 USA vehicle maket 5
Client: USA vehicle
Website type: Mobile portal

Services: Analytics, Concept, UX/UI Design
Technologies: X Mind, Lucidchart, Sourceforge, Axure

Description: A convenient portal for choosing and buying new cars. Any user can easily find a suitable car and purchase it from the nearest dealer at a bargain price.

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