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Develop a social network for people who have a dream. We were assigned the task of creating a mechanism for realizing users’ dreams through joint efforts.
Our company specialists designed and developed a social network for dreamers who want to share their dreams, find like-minded people, raise funds for realizing their dreams, and share their experience with others.
Project information:
Client: Dreamany
Website type: Social network
Services: Concept, UX/UI Design, Web Design, Layout, QA Testing
Technologies: PHP (Symfony) + MySQL + MongoDB, JavaScript
Project team: 1 Account Manager, 1 Project Manager, 1 UX/UI Designer, 2 Web Designers, 1 Front-End Developer, 1 QA Engineer
Description: We developed a unique social network, where users can convert their dreams into reality. Each user is offered opportunities to realize his/her dreams, and can also help others realize their dreams. The project is similar to Kickstarter although it differs in its mechanics and orientation.

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