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MCFR Publishing House

Create a multi-site system with implementation of a single control center for publishing projects. MCFR online store is the first site of the system.
We completed the multi-site system based on MCFR’s online store. We took care of the actual implementation as the client designed the project.
Project information:
Client: MCFR’s Publishing House
Website type: Online store
Services: Web Design, Layout, Programming, QA Testing
Technologies: HostCMS, HTML + CSS, JavaScript, PHP + MySQL
Project team: 1 Account Manager, 1 Project Manager, 2 Web Designers, 1 Front-End Developer, 4 PHP Developers, 1 QA Engineer
Description: We developed the first of 13 sites for MCFR’s publishing house. All the sites are linked to a common management system. We developed an online store offering company publications. The store is not very complicated, but all the details have been carefully thought out.

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