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Auto Repair and Service

Design an online store (an easy-to-use mobile version) for motorists which helps solve the majority of difficulties for users even in extreme circumstances as well as quickly purchase tires and wheels.
With the help of the HCD methodology within the standard ISO 9241-210:2010, we designed an online store of tires and wheels (the Mobile First approach was applied). Having defined a target audience and its needs, we added the possibility to make an appointment for services and call for technical support services.
store of MRO maket
Client: Auto Repair and Service
Website type: Portal

Services: Analytics, Concept, UX/UI Design
Technologies: X Mind, Lucidchart, Sourceforge, Axure

Description: A portal for motorists which allows easily and correctly selecting and purchasing tires and wheels (the marketing strategy ACCA is applied), making an appointment for services, quickly getting out a tow truck or technical support service even if you do not know your location and what is wrong with your car. A user only needs to click a few buttons to solve the problems encountered.

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