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Design a social commerce portal for finding pleasure in purchases and services, which enables such features as an independent expert evaluation and buying of goods at the minimum price.
We developed a mobile version of a social network and integrated it with a price aggregator. Users can rent or borrow things, get advice from an expert before buying goods, and many others.
RexPax 1 RexPax 2
Client: RexPax
Website type: Social network, online store

Services: Analytics, Concept, UX/UI Design
Technologies: xMind, Axure

Description: A social network which is integrated with a price aggregator. Its users can store goods which they like, discuss them with friends and experts, buy new, as well as used goods, rent and borrow things, and many others. There is also a possibility to create ‘Boards’ of goods which users like and buy those goods over some time. Already bought goods can be listed in user’s ‘Home’. Another feature is planning a week by creating ‘Images’ (a set of clothes) where users can specify when they wear selected clothes. Before purchasing, clothes can be tried on and compared to other items saved in user’s ‘Dressing room’.

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