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Create a modern online store with a thematic community, which would allow significantly increasing sales and an average check size.
We thought out an up-to-date concept of an online store and community. The number of exceptionally new ideas was implemented. This is one of the first projects that managed to reach the verge of social networks and e-commerce. Product Page Mockup Order Form Mockup
Website type: Social network, Web-store

Services: Concept, UX/UI Design
Technologies: Mind map, Axure

Description: Development of a non-standard project which was supposed to bring together an IT portal and an online store where both components should closely interact. The relevant ideas were realized for the project, in particular ideas for increasing sales, expanding a target audience, improving customer loyalty, increasing an average check size, etc. While designing the project, the main emphasize was put on sales techniques. Due to the lack of investment, the project was put on hold; however, even today it’s still considered as a competitive solution.

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