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15.5 months

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 Our R&D teams are located in Latin America and Eastern Europe, while the company executives are based in the Netherlands.


3524 Silverside Road 35B,
Wilmington, Delaware


Herengracht 551,
1017 BW Amsterdam


23 Dmytra Bortnyan-
s’koho St., Lviv 79039


10 Kunayeva St.,
Astana 010000


Cl. 7D #43A-40,
El Poblado, Medellin

Our Clients

Hyundai Motor
South Korea


South Korea

Pivdenny Bank



Recipe Plus



Preston Baker
Great Britain

Thomas Cook
Great Britain


Client Reviews from LinkedIn

We have outstanding reviews and an impeccable reputation. You may contact any of our clients directly to request their feedback.

Christian Marchsreiter
Christian Marchsreiter
IT Entrepreneur & Investor
October 27, 2023, Christian was Mykyta’s client
Dear Mykyta, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for the excellent cooperation over the last 12 months in the course of our VueJS project. The developer provided was really very good and reliable. We will gladly come back to you when we need outsourcing again. Christian
Peter van der Plas
Peter van der Plas
Online Performance Manager
November 10, 2023, Peter was Mykyta’s client
It was an absolute pleasure working with SECL Group. Their approach to communication and cooperation was exceptionally smooth, making our collaboration both efficient and enjoyable. The quality of their delivery was outstanding, consistently exceeding expectations. What truly set SECL Group apart was their proactive partnership approach. From the outset, they were forward-thinking, always seeking the best solutions and opportunities to enhance our project….
Dalibor Pap
Dalibor Pap
Expert in Building Design and Dev. teams | ex. Microsoft | ex. Smash Doc’s | ex. Toppan Merrill
October 23, 2023, Dalibor worked with Mykyta but they were at different companies
Dear Mykyta, I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for you, based on our collaboration during our shared project experiences. As the Head of Product Design at Smashdocks, I had the privilege of working closely with you and your team at SECL GROUP. Mykyta consistently demonstrated exemplary leadership and professionalism throughout our collaborative projects. Your dedication to delivering high-quality results and your commitment to excellence were truly impressive…
Vitoldas Kasperavicius
Vitoldas Kasperavicius
Country Manager Poland and Baltic Countries at Bixter.work
October 29, 2018, Vitoldas was a client of Mykyta’s
Mykyta and his colleagues have worked on our Bixter.Workplatform. We found all their work conducted in an exceptional manner. We are highly satisfied with the end product and hope will be able to work together with other future projects. I highly recommend Mykyta Semenov and his team from SECL Group.
Arie Stavchansky
Arie Stavchansky
Founder & CEO at Dataclay
May 10, 2016, Artem worked with Mykyta but at different companies
After searching for a firm to take charge of Dataclay's web development tasks, I can wholeheartedly recommend Mykyta and his company, SECL Group, for taking on a project and seeing it through to completion. His business acumen and leadership skills coupled with his seemingly preternatural technical prowess enable him to quickly grasp and effectively resolve a project's cross-functional issues…
Volodymyr Lysak
Volodymyr Lysak
Geschäftsführer bei 8.2 Certification GmbH, Netzanschluss von Erneuerbaren Energien
December 17, 2020, Volodymyr was Mykyta’s client
Hallo Mykyta! Vielen Dank an dich und dein Team für die Unterstützung bei der Erstellung des Kundenportals. Deine Ideen und technische Umsetzung haben uns sehr geholfen voran zu kommen. Danke für immer freundliche und professionelle Unterstützung!!!
Ievgeniia Shevtsova
Ievgeniia Shevtsova
Project/Programm Manager IPC Group
March 10, 2017, Ievgeniia was a client of Mykyta’s
I was working with Mykyta and SECL Group on an e-commerce project, and he always showed himself as a great Head of Delivery. Mykyta is goal-oriented, attentive to details, precise but diplomatic in negotiations. I am sure he will make a great career in the IT management sphere, and I would highly recommend him for big deals.
Stanislav Zayarsky
Stanislav Zayarsky
CEO at Trembit
December 1, 2016, Stanislav worked with Mykyta but at different companies
I have been working with SECL Group on various projects for several years. This company is our permanent partner. I am very pleased with a high level of professionalism, rapid feedback and a transparent scheme of work. I highly recommend the company as areliable partner in the field of web development and web design.
Artem Mazur
Artem Mazur
May 10, 2016, Artem worked with Mykyta but at different companies
We were working with Mykyta and the SECL Group company on several joint projects. I can recommend the guys as reliable partners who always complete work at the highest level and on time.
Denis Zernyshkin
Denis Zernyshkin
CEO – Gravitec.net
May 10, 2016, Denis worked with Mykyta but at different companies
Mykyta and his company SECL became known to us through recommendations. Our partners recommended Mykyta as a high-level specialist with a large number of successfully completed projects and delighted clients. We set a nontrivial task for the SECL team to perform. The task involved not only UI/UX design, admin panel layout and design but also an indepth exploration of a specific sphere. …

Our Awards

Authoritative Design Award

Interaction Award

We are Truly Different

We are different not just in words, but in deeds. And our clients’ success is what matters the most to us. This is our philosophy.

We are dedicated to
ensuring the client’s success

We consistently prioritize and
strive for the client’s success. This commitment is an ironclad rule!

We work harder
than others

Our dedication extends to working during the
day, evenings, and weekends. This reflects a
distinctive national characteristic.

We are technical gurus

With the CEO, COO, and CTO all being experienced programmers, we embrace a tech-savvy culture.

Own startups

We boast successful startups of our own, giving us a
unique understanding of entrepreneurs that sets us
apart from others.

We build large-scale

Some of our projects require over
100,000 hours of dedicated work.

We collaborate with
Fortune 500 companies

If numerous Fortune 500
companies place their trust in us, so can you 😉

Company History

We have been in the market for nearly 20 years, and we are committed to thriving for another 100+ years :wink:. Stability, that’s us.

Company Foundation


August 2005

International Status


September 2009

First Awards


November 2013

Office in the USA


September 2015

Own Product


February 2019




November 2019




September 2020




October 2021

Office in Kazakhstan


June 2021


Hyundai Motor Company


May 2021

Office in the Netherlands


February 2022




April 2023

Office in Colombia


January 2024

Our Team

Our team is our biggest value. The average employment duration in our company is 4+ years.



Natalia, HR Generalist

Tetiana, Copywriter

Serhij, Back-End Developer

Artem, Back-End Developer

Ihor, Back-End Developer

Maxim, Front-End Developer

Liliya, QA Engineer

Bohdan, Lead Generation Manager

Andrii, QA Engineer

Roman, QA Engineer

Volodymyr, Full-Stack Engineer

Roman, Back-End Developer

Bohdan, UI/UX Designer

Ilona, Lead Generation Manager

Volodymyr, Business Analyst

Nazar, Front-End Developer

Mirakhmad, Front-End Developer

Karlygash, Business Analyst

Employee Testimonials

Hover over the employee’s photo to discover what they think about our company.

Liliya Nazarenko
Liliya Nazarenko
QA Engineer, since 2021
I have been working at this friendly company of talented developers and other IT professionals for 2.5 years! There are always a lot of interesting projects here, which make you not stand still, but constantly develop your skills.
Maxim Lukyanovich
Maxim Lukyanovich
Front-End Developer, since 2017
The management consistently addresses employees’ needs, and over the past 6 years, the team has become like a real family. The company is continuously developing and provides everything necessary for work, along with interesting projects and tasks that enable me to continuously grow professionally.
Volodymyr Ohorenko
Volodymyr Ohorenko
Full-Stack Developer, since 2018
This company gives you a real sense of importance as a team member, and interesting and diverse projects only emphasize the idea – you are in the right place.
Tetiana Sukmaniuk
Tetiana Sukmaniuk
Copywriter, since 2022
I have been working in the company for more than a year. I really like that there are interesting tasks and challenges that motivate me to constantly develop as a professional, and I also like team support.
Max Adamkov
Max Adamkov
Project Manager, since 2017
During my six years working at this IT company, I have felt like a part of a big family. The company’s loyal attitude towards employees and emphasis on their professional development create a comfortable atmosphere for creativity. The opportunities for professional growth are amazing, allowing individuals to realize their full potential.
Ihor Shkuropat
Ihor Shkuropat
Back-End Developer, since 2020
I have had the pleasure of working here for more than 3 years. A huge complex project, a talented team, and continuous professional growth.

Caring For our Staff

We have a multi-level social responsibility and employee care program.

Official employment

All our employees are employed as FTEs or on permanent contracts.


We offer relocation programs between offices, including relocation to different countries.

Salary review every 6 months

A transparent salary increase system.

Flexible schedule

Results matter the most to us, not the time you spend working.

Offices in downtown

All our offices have a convenient location.

Corporate training

We organize internal workshops and knowledge sharing between employees.

Annual leave and sick leave

Every employee can always take a day off when needed.

Health insurance

All our employees have good health insurance.


We have external and internal mentoring programs.

Improvement of professional skills

We constantly encourage professional development and assess skill levels every 6 months.

Individual career development plan

All employees have a personal development program.


We have internships for young specialists.


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