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Website and Application Development in PHP (Symfony, Zend, Laraver, Yii)

The company SECL Group / Internet Sales Technologies is one of those, who can develop big portals, social networks and certain applications on the basis of PHP frameworks Symfony (, Laravel (, Yii ( and Zend (

We mainly specialize in complicated web development, including portals and social networks with high requirements to loads and security.

A little about Symfony:

1.The rapidity of development. On the basis of PHP there is a wide variety of frameworks, but if compare their opportunities in the rapidity of development the last version of Symfony obviously takes the lead over others. This framework possesses ideal combination of quality and rapidity.

2.Security. In this framework the security algorithms are already laid, still much depends on the executor.

3.The performance and loads. Symfony performs well at high loads due to the caching interlayer (code, configuration, http, DB).

4.The popularity. Currently Symfony is one of the most popular frameworks based on PHP5. It is used by such giants as Yahoo! (for some projects), W3C (for some projects), Delicious, phpBB, Drupal and many others.

5.ORM. Due to this, we abstract away the realization of a database and can safely choose absolutely any DB as in the strategic planning stage, and at the moment the project is deployed.

6.Community and documentation. Due to its popularity, Symfony got quality documentation and a large community of developers that makes back up of completed projects on the basis of its low cost, and usually problems do not occur with this.

A little about Zend Framework:

1.The rapidity of development. It is slightly lower than that of Symfony. Mainly due to the fact, that there is few groundwork for Zend. Much has to be done by oneself, but this framework is the best suitable for the implementation of non-typical unique projects.

2.Security. It is one of the highest quality and safest frameworks.

3.The performance and loads. By itself, Zend Framework – is a library of high-quality code. The performance of system in Zend is more dependent on the binding mechanism. A well-designed architecture and code allow you to build serious, adapted to high loads systems in Zend.

4.Popularity.This is the framework from the developers of the core PHP.

5.ORM. Here we are a bit unlucky concerning the convenience of development. Raw Zend_Db_Table is not very easy-to-use in development, but allow us to make the work with database faster and more flexible. But still there is an opportunity of transition from one DBMS to another at any time. We may also use in the project made in Zend any ORM (the same Doctrine). In some cases we're acting this way. But the framework itself does not include the full ORM.

6.Community and documentation. Documentation is more than full, while the development and community is less than Symfony has, almost there are no bundles, we have already talked that Zend – is not exactly a platform for building an application, but rather a class library.

We work in the web development market for a long time and arrived to Symfony and Zend evolutionary. Having practiced almost all of the popular PHP frameworks, we stopped on Symfony and Zend. Our developers really like writing in these frameworks. PHP is not the only language, which is used for programming, but the biggest team of developers works just in it. We have a number of specialists from Junior to Senior level and we form the project team of checked in fact employees up to a particular project.

You can view our portfolio in Symfony / Zend by following the link : Upon request we can provide examples of the code.

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